Travel: Ireland, My first international trip.

As a kid road trips were the easiest and cheapest way that we traveled. I was from a lower class family so travelling abroad was out of reach. I am half Irish and have always been in love with Irish culture and lore. I dreamt of going to Ireland since high school.

Growing up in a lower class family sometimes you can get envious of people who could travel without having a care in the world. As I grew older my wanderlust became stronger. Even though I had that urge to travel I still had the fear. I put it off so many times that I started to feel like I would never go abroad.

It wasn’t until a family crisis occurred when I finally decided to let that fear go and just do it despite my lack of money. I gave myself a year. I told myself for my college graduation gift to myself I will go to Ireland regardless of my situation. That is what I did.

Stepping in Dublin for the first time was spectacular and yet I felt at home. I still had the anxiety of being in a different country. I got over that after day three. I got lost but was glad I did.

Dublin might have been the first thing that I saw stepping off the plane but I saw so much more.

The feeling I got being there was unexpected. I felt comfortable. I didn’t want to rush home like I did after every adventure I had before. It was like an illusion. My trip ended too soon. We were always on the move. We met some pretty amazing people. I am glad that I took the jump because now I feel like I could go anywhere. Since than I have faced so many fears and I will keep fighting so I can have that feeling again. The feeling of comfort and satisfaction.


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