Hiking: Crown King/ Horse thief Basin

First lets dive into a little bit of history of Crown King. Crown King was an old mining town and as we all know mining towns disappear once the mines shut down. They discovered gold in the Bradshaw mountains in the 1870s and a gentleman named George Harrington decided to open mines. They built a mill and a saloon. The Crown King mine was closed around the turn of the century.  The Mill since than was turned into a restaurant.

The road to Crown King is mostly an abandon railroad bed if you take the bumble bee exit off the I-17. You drive through Cleator and passing by the general store you will see a sign of the Cleator Yacht club. Pass Crown King there is Horse thief Basin. This is where we went hiking.

We hiked up to the East Fort, fire tower and the South fort. It was a good 6 miles loop.

The views from the East fort are amazing.

The trails we went on were:

We went on a trail called the coal camp spring trail from the fire tower and found out the trail had been grown over a lot.

We hiked mostly on old jeep roads and a lot of the time they were grown over. We did find a lot of beautiful Purple flowers on the road as well.

And there was a very steep incline.

The area is very beautiful and you can do a lot of four wheeling out there and hiking. I hope in the future I hope that I can explore this area further.


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