Hiking: Spur Cross Trail/Elephant Mountain

Being a resident of Arizona I am gifted with the wilderness surrounding me. Arizona has Three physiographic regions: Colorado Plateau, transition zone and basin and range. These vary in elevations about as high as 12,600 ft. Geologically Arizona is amazing.

Photo: http://www.arizonaedventures.com/arizona/blog/reference-guide/arizona-physiographic-regions/


Today I am going to talk about a hike I did in the basin and range province. In the winter times this is the place to hike. The weather is cold but not too cold. In the summer you hike at your own risk. Spur Cross was fun. It was one of my first adventures with a friend of mine. This is one of the many that took me by surprise. It is what made me want to hike more and longer. It was not just a workout for me anymore, it was something that that awoken my wanderlust.

This trail loops and if you brave to head up Elephant mountain you will not be disappointed. There are a couple of other trails in this wilderness area that itch to be walked upon.We got to see a lot of farming equipment and found some ruins.

To make our hike longer we too some other trails but the spur cross trail is about 5.5 mile trip around the area. If you are looking for a place to explore this is a great place to start.

These photographs I took on the hike. Pictures can not describe the beauty of the place. Sometimes all people see is a desert but if you go out and explore a little you find hidden places that only a few would go.


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